Monday, January 7, 2008

Letter from the Editor, January 2008

Pardon the cheesy graphic to my left. I absolutely could not contain myself.

Yes, yes, the theme for this month's issue is "possibilities." And what better theme to describe the first month and the first issue of 2008?

If you're anything like me--jaded, cynical, snarky--you might still be enamored with the coming of a new year. For me, the new year is about a number of possibilities. Since I teach college English, I get a new batch of students, and that's always exciting. No matter how long I teach (five years now) or how irked the Fall semester might leave me, I always look forward to a new bunch of students and a new opportunity to do my job a little better.

On the reading front, the new year is an exciting time, too. I enjoy making lists of what I've read throughout the year, tallying up my "Best of" recap to share with my bloggy friends, and starting a new year of reading means the hope of hunting literary gems.

I want to thank you all who are coming back to join Estella's Revenge for the second year. And a big welcome aboard to any new readers out there! Cheers to a year of possibilities!

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January 2008 Issue

Letter from the Editor

Author Interview: Jennifer Donnelly
Author Interview: Sarah Bower
Author Interview: Susan Vaught

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"I Was Lost, But Now I'm Found"
"New Things from Old Favourites"
"Wonderful World of What If?"
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"Embracing the Possibilities"

From the Bookshop, January 2008

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heather (errantdreams) said...

Happy New Year and best wishes for lots of bookish possibilities!