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Estella’s Revenge Collective is a book blogging collective which runs original and syndicated content. This site is edited by book bloggers, written by book bloggers, honoring book bloggers! In addition to our mission to highlight the book blogging community, we favor independent and undersung books, authors, and genres, as well as cutting edge issues in the book blogging community. We promote reading outside of boundaries. We read for the sake of reading, the enjoyment, and the love of it. We read and write whatever the hell we want.

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About the Editors:

Andi - (codename: Estella) is an English professor, writer, avid blogger, social networker, and mom. She lives in Dallas. She digs all things bookish...and owls. She is a member of the National Book Critics Circle and has written for multiple online venues including "The Finicky Reader" column for Bibliobuffet.com, and has reviewed for PopMatters.com and The Environmental Blog. She's been published in The Journal for the Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States (MELUS).

Heather (codename: CapriousReader) is a bored blue-collar worker in a dead-end job where she is NOT using her BA in English.  She supplants this boredom by being as creative online as possible by blogging, social networking and generally being as bookish as possible.  She is also the mother to two gorgeous, creative, and brilliant children and is married to her high school sweetheart -- the least bookish man in the world.  She also gardens, knits on occasion, and is said to make a mean banana pudding.  She shares Andi's adoration of owls and has been known to bombard her with pictures, links, and owlish baby blankets.  She will read pretty much anything, including the cereal box.  She lives in North Carolina.