Friday, January 1, 2010

About the 'Zine

Estella's Revenge E-Zine is an outgrowth of Andi's personal blog. Her blog, also Estella's Revenge (near-daily content), started in 2005, and the E-Zine began in 2007. The purpose of the Estella's Revenge E-Zine is to serve as a blog collective and bring to light unsung and underappreciated writers, publishers, and bookish phenomena.

In short, Estella wants to shake you up.

Estella's Revenge E-Zine solicits reviews, articles, columns, interviews, and other material from writers around the blogsophere. Writing for Estella's Revenge is a great way to reach out to the blogging community, delve into new bookish phenomena, and appeal to a wider reading audience as its popularity grows. Think of it as doing a guest post for a hub of well-written guest posting. Put it on your resume or do it just for fun.

To submit your work or pitch an idea, e-mail:

About the Editors:

Andi - (codename: Estella) is an English professor, writer, avid blogger and social networker, and new mom. She lives in Dallas with her fiance, two stepkiddos-to-be, and new son, Greyson. Oh, and three dogs, but who's counting? She likes to garden with the limited space in and around her condo's patio, cook delicious meals, and avoid working out even though the post-baby hips are atrocious. She lives for all things bookish...and owls. Her memberships include the National Book Critics Circle and the Modern Language Association. She has written for multiple online venues including "The Finicky Reader" column for, and has reviewed for and The Environmental Blog. She's been published in The Journal for the Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States (MELUS) and Altar Magazine.

Heather (codename: CapriousReader) is a bored blue-collar worker in a dead-end job where she is NOT using her BA in English.  She supplants this boredom by being as creative online as possible by blogging, social networking and generally being as bookish as possible.  She is also the mother to two gorgeous, creative, and brilliant children and is married to her high school sweetheart -- the least bookish man in the world.  She also gardens, knits on occasion, and is said to make a mean banana pudding.  She shares Andi's adoration of owls and has been known to bombard her with pictures, links, and owlish baby blankets.  She will read pretty much anything, including the cereal box.  She lives in North Carolina.

Melissa (codename: BookNut) has always had people asking her, "What should I read?" or "What did you think of this book?" This led to some embarrassment, because since she could never remember which ones she liked, or why. In 2004, her husband pointed her in the direction of the computer as a solution to this problem, and her blogging career — as well as her archive of answers to persistent book-related questions — began with the birth of Book Nut. Reading, reviewing and book blogging have taken over what's left of her life after being a stay-at-home mom to four rambunctious daughters, wife to a slightly-absent-minded professor of political science, and lover of desserts and Mini Coopers. She claims to be a reading omnivore, saying that she will read practically anything, but will also readily admit that she likes young adult and middle-grade fiction best. She lives in Wichita, Kansas.

Call for Submissions

The purpose of Estella's Revenge E-Zine is to act as a collective highlighting the best the book blogging and writing community have to offer. Specifically, we are interested in "pushing bookish boundaries" which can be interpreted in a number of ways. We encourage creativity in writing and interpreting this mission. 

Estella's Revenge E-Zine is currently accepting pitches for ongoing columns, feature articles on specific bookish topics, reviews, and journalistic news pieces on trends in books, publishing, and social networking as it applies to book bloggers. We are interested in all bookish topics dealing with the underrepresented, unsung, new, and innovative. Push boundaries in the ways you see fit.

To submit your work or pitch an idea, e-mail:

As of June 2010, Estella's Revenge E-Zine is slated to publish quarterly beginning August 2, 2010. Please send your ideas ASAP. Deadline to submit is July 18, 2010.