Sunday, July 1, 2007

Letter from the Editor, July 2007

"Young at Heart" is a special theme for me, as I've devoted the last several years of my life to the study of children's literature. This issue comes at a particularly opportune time as I've recently wrapped up my Master's thesis defense, and I have the opportunity to reflect on the last few years and my experiences with what I had in mind when we conceived the "young at heart issue." You see, Heather and I both love children's and adolescent literature. There's something magical about its potential ability to transform us into our 8-year-old selves, perched in a quiet corner or a sunny bench, completely lost in words and a new and exciting world. For us, and many others (Melissa!) the love of children's books never wore off. I think we all still hover on that sunny bench lost in a child's world more often than the average reader, and we're happy to do so.

As usual, the writers here at Estella's Revenge have done a beautiful job translating the theme in various ways, and for that I give a rousing round of applause.

I hope you enjoy our wealth of author interviews, reviews and all-around goodies this month. And a special extra-huge thank you to Heather for holding down the fort this month. It's been one of the messier months behind the scenes here at Estella's Revenge in recent memory, and it's entirely unfair and silly that I'm writing this "Letter from the Editor" when Heather has done all the work.

Hip hip hooooray!!!

Best wishes,


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Anonymous said...

Pshaw, don't listen to her. She did a lot of work too. She cleaned up all my messes and put it all together. It was definitely a team effort this month! I'm really looking forward to our next issue!

Stephanie said...

Once again, a FABULOUS job!! You guys ROCK!