Sunday, April 1, 2007

Letter from the Editor, April 2007

April is here and with it comes our second bookish edition of Estella's Revenge. Our theme for April is "mysteries," and I think you will see the theme at work in several ways. While we do not require the writers to adhere closely to the theme if their creativity takes them elsewhere, it does exist as a thread that underscores the issue. You'll see "mysteries" play out this month in discussions of the mysteries of our "to be read" stacks, the mysterious lives of authors' papers, mystery novel reviews, and the bookish mysteries lurking in Oxford, Mississippi. My personal challenge to you is to see how many mysteries you can uncover in our offerings this time around.

We had a fantastic response to the March issue, and for that I thank the wonderful writers and readers who took the time to stop by, and I hope you will spread the word if you find the 'zine to your liking. Feel free to leave comments with your thoughts and ideas if you're so moved.

Remember, you can use the clickable table of contents below to navigate the complete issue or click on "April 2007" in one of the labels to bring up the entire month's offerings.

Happy reading!


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