Monday, September 1, 2008

Letter From the Editor, September 2008

Late again! Andi is the slacker, and she freely admits it. Between the pressures of school, work, family, and life, Andi and Heather are currently working on a solution to bring Estella's Revenge to your computer screen in a timely fashion without sacrificing content. Hang with us, we're not going anywhere, just streamlining.

The September issue is an issue close to all our hearts: controversy. Readers almost inevitably have a relationship with controversy. Whether by choice or by chance, readers encounter controversy in their reading material, in the reactions of others (think Harry Potter and book challenging), and readers often have an opinion on everything thanks to reading. Whether you're a politico or no, a liberal or conservative, a type A or a type B, embrace least for the duration of September.

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