Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Written by Kis Lee
Liquid Silver Books
Reviewed by Andi

Complications is an entertaining offering from erotica author, Kis Lee. This time around, Ms. Lee offers the story of Skye Kim, a private investigator with a complicated life.

From the Liquid Silver website:

At age 29, she might be going through an early mid-life crisis. The life of a P.I. in Orange County isn't that exciting, and she isn't happy with her personal life. Even though she hates the term "friends with benefits," that's the best way to describe her relationship with Sean Reynolds, her ex-boyfriend.

After a routine assignment at a fetish club, Skye meets Andy Chang, a tall, gorgeous man who likes both men and women. When Sean finds out about her attraction to the new man in her life, this adds some fuel to their sex life. Eventually Sean encourages her to invite Andy to their bedroom.

After a night of drunken debauchery, Skye fulfills one of her fantasies: being with two men. Soon she realizes that fantasy is sometimes better than reality. Juggling two men may be twice the pleasure but also twice the complications. Will she choose one man over the other? Or will she cut all the complications out of her life.
Kis Lee’s writing is readable and fun, and more importantly, rarely falls prey to the clich├ęs so often found in erotic writing. Lee takes advantage of the opportunity to explore the thin and often faded lines between heterosexuality and homosexuality, and toys with our culture’s tendency toward fashionable recreational lesbianism versus the taboo of male homosexuality.

Any woman whose ever had a fantastic gay best friend will enjoy the dynamic between Skye Kim and her partner in the private investigation business, Jeremy. Their constant verbal sparring and underlying friendly affection for one another is just one part of this nicely fleshed interplay of complicated relationships.

While Complications lacks the quirky characters and offbeat storylines that Lee has created in other works--such as Kayla Finds Her Way --in favor of “the beautiful people,” her protagonists are overwhelmingly likeable while her antagonists raise eyebrows and the hair on the back of my neck.

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